Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sheryl Crow knows best...

Recently, I have been watching the series on the History Channel called "America: The Story of Us." I have really enjoyed their recreation's that bring to life this country's interesting history. It can be hard to create a historical documentary that adequately covers all the historical details of an event or time period, while remaining entertaining at the same time. This show does a great job of collapsing key historical events into a very comprehensive and contextual format. It can be very hard to hold my generations attention, especially with educational documentaries, so I have to give them a thumbs up on the production of this series.

I only have one small qualm. It is just something that annoys me , and does not really detract from the show. Throughout the episodes, there is commentary from various "Great Americans" if you will. Now, the politicains, historians, and other civic leadership I understand. But Sheryl Crowe and Michael Strahan , really????

Either way, I plan on buying a copy of this series when it is out for sale.

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