Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to the future

I went through a phase last year where I was addicted to finding really stupidly funny and wierd videos on the internet machine (primarily using Stumbleupon). I have not continued this hobby, however I am always kept in the loop by my friend Rook who routinely sends me the treasure finds.

On this disgustingly humid, rainy, day here in DC, as I sat at work going through Williamsburg withdrawal symptom, I was sent this web gem by none other than ROOK dah GOOK. Meet newest reggaeton sensation, Mini Daddy. This kid is fat and Mexican. He loves ice cream and burritos . Whats not to love? Not only that, but he hails from Monterrey, Mexico, one of the many Mexican cities plagued by ongoing drug cartel violence, so he probably has some street cred too. He was first discovered by Daddy Yankee and was brought on stage at one of his concerts. Check out at recent interview with this rising star.

Rook and I are going to send him fan mail. We are going to send a poster that says we are his number one fans. We are also hoping that he comes to the United States soon to perform a concert. We plan on being being in the front row, wile'n out with all his 12 year old fans.

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